Razia’s third album is an introspection on a fragile time in her life and is dedicated to her grandmother, Tombozandry, who raised her and who passed away in the course of this period.

The album, due to be released in October 19th, was produced by Surinamese drummer Harvey Wirht whose driving groove anchors many of the songs. It features collaborations with world-renowned musicians, including master Malagasy salegy guitar player Raledey Vink Bamouaz ( Jaojoby’s lead guitarist), who also contributed as an arranger; and guests bassist Mamadou Ba (musical director for Harry Belafonte), violinist François Michaud, and Blue Note recording artist, guitarist Lionel Loueke.

On The Road, Razia sings entirely in Malagasy, mostly in her dialect, exploring places and people from her childhood, as well as themes of friendship, spirituality and emotional unfolding. The catchy funkiness of “Filongoa”, the beautiful lilting guitar interleaving with sweet background harmonies on Remandreny and the furious and joyous cadence of “Nave,” celebrating life Malagasy style, all heed Razia’s soulful presence. For some of us, still rocked by the 60’s revolution when “the personal is political” first took on meaning, The Road might move us with a vision of how connected we all are; for others, Said’s new work might reveal a new direction within a greater resonance.